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 Hey You! First off I don’t know a stranger. I love all things crafty and artsy and I like to think I am artsy to! I have a sweet little family which includes my husband Evan who I have been with since my senior year of high school and my two kiddos Elyssa and Ean. I love spending time with my family and doing anything that gets me out of the house. I have 2 dogs one of which is obsessed with me and follows me everywhere and is 100lb lap dog… the other is crazy and is my little guys best friend. We spend about every possible bit of time we can outside together. I love my friends, having drinks around the fire, shopping on impulse, binge watching Law & Order, making things, and of course taking pictures.

I started photography about 5 years ago and slowly friends and family started asking me to do things for them and so on and so forth things really started to grow and well here I am. I put my focus on my business about 3 years ago deciding that I wanted to make this passion of mine into a into full time job and make my business the real deal. Since I have had the pleasure of photographing over 100’s of families, babies entering the world, couples saying their “I dos” , seniors and more! There is no other job I could imagine doing that allows me to meet new people, build relationships and take part in some of the most memorable and intimate parts of peoples lives and leaving knowing I was able to provide them something to look back on forever.

My goal during each session is to simply catch the real and the raw… meaning I want the smiles, laughs, little giggles and fun faces your littles ones make, the tears, and all the in between that makes you and that moment exactly how its supposed to be. I have a strong belief in appreciating the little things and that during a session I want your pictures to tell a story later on when looking back on them. I love to use what nature gives us and using the sun and surroundings in ways to make every single session unique to the last. Something that we all do is see things differently and while shooting and walking I am envisioning every single picture in my head and how it will look when its finished and delivered to you. I feel what sets me apart is that I am not focused on the posing and and time of the session, I will spend as much time as needed to get you comfortable with me and my camera, I crave the real moments and will go above and beyond to get them, and I am a very visual person making it easy for me to really connect to whats around me and using it to its full potential.

So if your up for a fun experience… laughing, goofing off, and creating some awesome pictures then its time we meet and get together to make it happen!



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 What some people have to say….


"My husband and I spent our anniversary date night with Erica. She took photos of us that were completely out of our comfort zone but something we knew would be a fun, sexy date night experience. She made us feel completely comfortable. You can tell she has a passion for what she is doing and it shows through during the session. As far as her photography goes, she has an amazing eye for those stand-out photos. We will hold not only the photos but the memories of the session with her near and dear to our heart forever."

Kristy Bobo


"Erica has taken senior pictures for 3 of my kids as well as their basketball pictures. She does a great job capturing exactly what we are looking for. Her creativity always amazes me. I’ve always been more than happy with Erica Mattheny’s photos."

Becky Richardson